[id] 23589 [artist] NME
[title] NME/2015.04.14

「Bye bye, banjos!」と、ある意味衝撃のコピーとともにMUMFORD & SONSのニューアルバムを特集!

[label] NME
[type] UK
[format] MAG
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[price] 890
  1. MUMFORD & SONS : What, no banjos? The insanely successful band discuss going drivetime rock on third album 'Wilder Mind', the possibility of alienating the hardcore folk crew and having David Cameron as their biggest fan
  2. SUPER FURRY ANIMALS : Promising that their reunion will kick off the revolution, Wales' finest - and weirdest - return talking politics, the death of the yetis and their continued search for "the brown sound"
  3. RECORD STORES OF SOHO : NME explores the rise, fall and resurrection of the most rock'n'roll street in the country and asks: will the vinyl comeback ever end?
  4. RSD BUYER'S GUIDE : From Suede live album to Peace covering Zep, we give you the rundown of all the records you need to fight tooth-and-claw over on this year's Record Store Day
  5. In The Studio - Paul Weller
  6. Anatomy Of An Album - Violent Femmes, 'Violent Femmes'
  7. Soundtrack Of My Life - Tim Burgess