[id] 26003 [artist] RADIOHEAD

2003年にリリースされた6th。前作、前々作の”KID A”と”AMNESIAC”の反動か、これまでとは違い「時間をかけすぎない、凝り過ぎない」と言ったバンド内ルールを設けて完成に至ったと言う様に、ギターロック/バンド的要素が戻ってきたと歓迎された作品!

[label] XL
[type] UK
[format] 2LP
[condition] NEW / NEW
[price] 5,990
  1. 2 + 2 = 5 (The Lukewarm.)
  2. Sit Down. Stand Up. (Snakes & Ladders.)
  3. Sail To The Moon. (Brush The Cobwebs Out Of The Sky.)
  4. Backdrifts. (Honeymoon Is Over.)
  5. Go To Sleep. (Little Man Being Erased.)
  6. Where I End And You Begin. (The Sky Is Falling In.)
  7. We Suck Young Blood. (Your Time Is Up.)
  8. The Gloaming. (Softly Open Our Mouths In The Cold.)
  9. There There. (The Boney King Of Nowhere.)
  10. I Will. (No Man's Land.)
  11. A Punchup At A Wedding. (No No No No No No No No.)
  12. Myxomatosis. (Judge, Jury & Executioner.)
  13. Scatterbrain. (As Dead As Leaves.)
  14. A Wolf At The Door. (It Girl. Rag Doll.)

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