[id] 4985 [artist] NME
[title] NME/2007.07.28

JACK PENATEとKATE NASHという旬過ぎる2人が表紙!!ブレイクストーリー!音楽史の20の最低の出来事、新人特集はWE START FIRES、様々なフェスの様子等をたっぷり!!

[label] NME
[type] UK
[format] MAG
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  1. Kate Nash And Jack Penate Take Over The Charts
  2. Nme Gallery: The Week's Best Rock Photography, Including Beth, Faris And Tahita At The Manchester International Festival…
  3. …Plus, Carl Barat Playing To His Fans In The Street… Topless… Again
  4. The Enemy Sign Up For The O2 Presents Nme Rock'n'roll Riot Tour Along With Lethal Bizzle And The Wombats
  5. Old Trafford: Arctic Monkeys Prepare For The Gigs Of Their Lives
  6. The Hives Finally Return With A New Album
  7. We Talk To Alex Turner's Ex, And Co-Writer Of Fluorescent Adolescent
  8. After Michael Eavis Said He Wants More Nme Readers At Glasto, You Have Your Say
  9. The Best Of The Rock Stars' Blogs
  10. Radar: We Start Fires Are Burning Down The Indie Discos
  11. Radar: Why Comics Are The New Art Riot
  12. "The Mainstream Attitude Of Most Indie Bands Is A Bigger Problem Than Global Warming," So Say The Cribs
  13. Blood, Piss, Vom, Death… The 20 Sickest Things To Ever Happen Onstage
  14. Who Are Black Flag? Nme Talks To Henry Rollins – Singer Of The Band That Influenced A Generation Of Punk Bands
  15. Live: The 10 Best Bands Of The Festival Of The Year, So Far, Latitude: Including, Css, Wild Beasts, Friendly Fires, Arcade Fire, We Start Fires, The Fiery Furnances, The Fire Engines… Sorry Those Last Three Weren't There, We Just Got Carried Away. Plus, T
  16. Albums: The Coral Return. Plus, Records From Goodbooks, Foo Fighters, Chow Chow, Korn, Lo Fidelity Allstars And Loads More
  17. Stuff We Love: You Saw The Indie Luminaries Playing It, Wearing It, Riding It, Smoking It, Punching It… Now We Tell You Where To Get It
  18. Behind Nme Lines: What's Going On In The Photoshoots, The Gigs, The Writers' Heads And James Jam's Pants: A Week In The Nme Office
  19. This Week's Archive Pic Is Radiohead